Beautiful aesthetics, luxury and quality is often overlooked in a world obsessed with expensive prices. Everyone pays for a little logo from a well-known brand while the quality remains the same when they buy another watch. At Vidado Watches, we provide astonishing design with extreme quality at an affordable price.


It's very rare that our watches are broken since we verify every product before shipping. However, if you notice a malfunction in your watch, don't worry because it's either an automatic self-winding watch or a mechanical watch. In that case, you need to wind your watch like in the following YouTube video down below. Please follow the steps in this video so you can use your watch properly. 

 or please follow our user guide below.

Don't worry. As much as we try to have as much inventory as possible, it might happen that one of our product is out of stock. Send us an email at info@vidadowatches.com and we'll get you one as soon as we can!

Once an order is placed, we will not be able to cancel or change the shipping address as your order might have already been processed.

You will get a full refund if the watch is broken. You are also eligible of replacing the watch within 30 days. If you have any question, send us an email at info@vidadowatches.com

Please make sure the email is not in your junk and that you have waited at least 15-20 minutes. If you received nothing, send us an email at info@vidadowatches.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

Our online store is protected by the most up to date security firewalls to ensure all data is kept secure. We understand how important secure payment is on any online store, and our checkout process is as secure as it gets. Our site is not only McAfee Secure, but we also allow for payment’s including credit and debit card are through PayPal – the safest online payment system available. 

This is unlikely to happen, but in case you received the wrong model or color, like you received black but it was supposed to be red, send us an email at info@vidadowatches.com. Please include a clear photo of the item you received. Certain photos on the website are taken in a brighter lighting setting to show more accurately the details of the watch. We recommend that you look at the reviews located at the bottom of our product page and look at all the pictures of the watch to see different lighting and angles. In that way, you have a more accurate idea of how the product would look like once on your wrist because you can see the watch in different angles and lighting. There may be slight differences in color of some photos on our page due to the limitations of desktop and the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors on whatever device you are using. Lighting and the angle which the photos are taken should be taken into consideration. 


To eliminate a retail markup, we've requested that the overseas manufacturer's package and ship directly to you so that you can save on unnecessary retail markup.

Orders are placed and shipped from the individual manufacturers that create the product. Your orders will be placed, processed and shipped at the same time and should arrive in close proximity to each other.

Our mission is to find the best watches at the most affordable price all around the globe. Therefore we are not printing the name of our company on our products right now to provide our watches at a better price for you. Since we're not able yet to print our company name on our products, we like to create certain names that better reflect the vision and values of our company. For example, if you would like to buy the Curino watch, you will see on the pictures of the product or in the reviews that the name written on the watch is Curren and not Curino. Otherwise, rest assured that our pictures, videos, and descriptions will always represents accurately the true nature of our products.

We do not have control over customs and are therefore not able to be responsible for delays that may occur. 

Approximate shipping times (does not include weekends/public holidays):a) USA ~ 25 to 35 business days (tracking system available on our site 5-10 days after an order has been shipped)b) Rest of the world ~ 25 to 60 business days (no tracking system available)

*Exceptions in (a & b) apply.Delayed delivery - in very rare instances, packages may take longer than the stated expected time frame. Unfortunately, we are unable to control shipping times and any unexpected delays that may occur en-route and we seek your understanding and patience should this occur. In such cases, we will ship out a new package if there is no tracking updates for more than 30-60 business days.This may especially be true during the busier holiday seasons at the year's end (November to December months).

We ship most of our products worldwide. However, some specific items cannot be shipped to some countries because of shipping limitations from our warehouse location. But we are working towards this and always improving our shipping methods!

The priority processing option ( skip the queue ) enables you to have your order moved completely in front of the pack over the numerous orders we've received so we can process your order as soon as humanly possible.